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New Product Launch: PuroSPIN™ NANO Replacement Spin Columns - Elution in as little as 6 µL of buffer

Have you ever run out of columns that come with your favorite plasmid extraction kit but still had a lot of left-over buffer reagents remaining? Instead of buying a new expensive kit you can use PuroSPIN™ columns with the left-over buffers as a cost-effective alternative. Simply use the columns while following the manufacturer-specific protocols.

Luna Nanotech is now introducing the replacement spin columns in NANO size. NANO columns allow the elution of the purified nucleic acid in as little as 6 µL of elution buffer, which allows to maximize the concentration of the purified nucleic acid when working with small amounts of DNA/RNA.

You can get more information about and purchase Luna Nanotech's PuroSPIN™ replacement columns here.

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