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PuroSPIN™ Viral Extraction Products

In response to the pandemic, Luna Nanotech developed products for viral RNA extraction based on our expertise with nucleic acid extraction. Whether you're looking for silica spin columns for your in-house buffers, a kit for processing single RNA extractions, or plates for high-throughput viral RNA extractions, we've got you covered.


We optimized our buffers to provide high-purity RNA from specimens in multiple types of sample collection systems: from living virus in Viral Transport Medium to inactivated virus in guanidinium-based transport solutions. We sought to unify workflows and elute purified RNA, ready for analysis. SARS-CoV-2 RNA eluted from our kits was validated for multiplexed detection of RdRP, N gene, and E gene alongside internal control MS2 RNA.


Whatever your sample input, and whatever your analysis technique, we're on a mission to consolidate testing workflows and help expand our customer's reach and impact. Together we can conquer COVID-19.


Replacement Silica

Spin Columns

Make your own buffers in-house for ultimate cost savings.

Viral RNA extraction kit

Viral DNA and RNA Extraction Kit (Columns)

A complete kit for extraction of viral nucleic acids based on silica spin column technology.

Viral RNA Extraction Kit

Viral DNA and RNA Extraction Kit (Plates)

High-throughput extractions in a 96-well plate format. Processed with centrifuge or vacuum.

Disclaimer: While these products can extract viral RNA from clinical samples, before being used for diagnostic purposes, they must be evaluated independently with your downstream genetic test as directed by your local regulatory agency. These products are for Research and Development Purposes ONLY.

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