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PuroSPIN™ Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification Products

Luna Nanotech offers high quality and cost-effective molecular biology solutions for the extraction and purification of DNA and RNA molecules from a range of biological and physiological preparations and samples. 


Replacement Silica
Spin Columns

Low cost replacement spin columns for DNA / RNA purification kits.


Reagents for DNA and RNA Purification

Proteinase K, RNase A, DNase I, Carrier RNA, silica coated magnetic beads.

Gel Extraction Kit.webp

Complete DNA/RNA
Purification Kits

Complete kits for extraction and purification of nucleic acids based on silica spin column technology.

16 -tube Magnetic Rack-without logo (1).png

Accessories for DNA and RNA Purification

Magnetic racks, beads for sample homogenization.


Tissue Homogenization Solutions

Tissue homogenization beads, homogenizers apparatuses and accessories.

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