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PuroSPIN™ Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification Products

Luna Nanotech offers high quality and cost-effective molecular biology solutions for the extraction and purification of DNA and RNA molecules from a range of biological and physiological preparations and samples. 


Replacement Silica

Spin Columns

Low cost replacement spin columns for DNA / RNA purification kits.

16 -tube Magnetic Rack-without logo (1).png

Accessories for DNA and RNA Purification

Magnetic racks, beads for sample homogenization.

Gel Extraction Kit.webp

Complete DNA/RNA

Purification Kits

Complete kits for extraction and purification of nucleic acids based on silica spin column technology.


Reagents for DNA and RNA Purification

Proteinase K, RNase A, DNase I, Carrier RNA, silica coated magnetic beads.

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