PuroSPIN™ Viral DNA and RNA 96-well Purification Kit  #NK056-480

PuroSPIN™ Viral DNA/RNA Purification Kit is designed for the extraction of BOTH RNA and DNA from viral sources, such as blood, plasma, serum, milk, buccal or nasal swabs, or saliva. It is intended for viruses such as Coronaviruses, Orthomyxoviruses (Influenza), Adenoviruses, Herpesviruses and others.


This kit greatly simplifies the extraction process by incorporating a convenient easy-to-use extraction technology based on nucleic acid binding silica membranes. The viral particles are digested with an optimized formulation of guanidinium and Proteinase K to disrupt and digest viral capsids and release nucleic acids efficiently from multiple potential sources. Following the lysis step, the nucleic acids are loaded onto silica-based nucleic acid binding membrane and washed to remove protein, salt and other contaminants.  Note that this kit contains a yeast-derived carrier tRNA to improve yields of viral nucleic acids, without contaminating genetics from a viral source. Finally,  the purified RNA and DNA is eluted from the column into a clean microcentrifuge tube in Elution Buffer EB, or nuclease-free water.


High-quality nucleic acids extracted with the PuroSPIN™ Viral DNA and RNA 96-well Purification Kit can be used for a range of downstream applications, such as reverse-transcription PCR or qPCR, northern blotting, or microarray analysis.


This kit contains 5 nucleic acid binding 96-well plates, sufficient for 480 extractions. It can be processed with either a centrifuge or vacuum manifold. Check the Manual for more details.





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PuroSPIN™ Viral DNA and RNA 96-well Purification Kit #NK056-480