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NanoVIVO™  PLGA Nanoparticle Line

Our single-layer poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) nanoparticles form nanostructures with a hydrophobic core encapsulated inside a hydrophilic shell. Dye molecules and magnetic nanoparticles can be encapsulated inside the hydrophobic core. PLGA surface contains COOH groups that can be used for EDC/NHS based bioconjugation. Optional surface modifications include methoxy PEG (improves in vivo blood half-life) and PEG-Azide (can be used to covalently attach biomolecules by click chemistry)



  • 120 - 170 nm diameter PLGA nanoparticles.

  • Made with FDA approved biocompatible and biodegradable PLGA polymer.

  • Conjugation-ready for covalent attachment of biomolecules.

  • High degree of monodispersity.

  • Magnetic version can be pulled down by application of magnetic force.

  • Can be labeled with a fluorescent dye.

  • Optional incorporation of Methoxy-PEG minimizes non-specific protein adsorption. This increase nanoparticle in-vivo blood half-life.

  • Custom formulations for encapsulation of specific payloads are available.


  • Dual labeled fluorescence and magnetic nanoparticles for in-vivo targeting.

  • Dual fluorescence and MRI imaging for in vitro and in vivo applications.

  • Dual probes for magnetic cell pulldown and flowcytometry analysis.

Contact us at for more information or to inquire about custom PLGA nanoparticle synthesis.



PLGA Nanoparticle Products

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