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New Product Launch: PuroGEL™ Compact Gel Electrophoresis System

PuroGEL™ Compact Gel Electrophoresis System is a compact horizontal electrophoresis system for quick and simple separation and analysis of DNA and RNA on an agarose gel. The system includes the gel migration tank and a control box with integrated power supply all in a single compact unit, leaving plenty of free space on your bench. PuroGEL™ system has three voltage presets of 35V, 50V, and 100V, and the timer that can be set between 1 and 99 minutes. It comes with everything necessary to have you up and running in no time: 2 gel casting stands, 6 gel casting trays of two different sizes, and 4 double sided combs with teeth that can be selected for required well size and volume. Ventilated safety cover lid prevents device operation when the lid is open and dissipates heat to reduce gel overheating.

More details about the PuroGEL™ Compact Gel Electrophoresis System and ordering information can be found here.



  • Complete system - gel tank, integrated power supply, gel casting accessories

  • Compact design - 7.5" x 5" footprint (including gel tank and power supply)

  • Quick and simple gel casting - no spacers or clamps needed, all accessories included

  • Membrane keypad with 3 voltage presets (35V, 50V, 100V) and a timer with 1 to 99 minute setting

  • Vented safety lid prevents operation when the cover is open and dissipates heat during the run

  • Integrated power supply - no external power supply required​

  • Protected by 1 year warranty


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