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New Product Launch: PuroSPIN™ MICRO, MIDI, and MAXI Replacement Spin Columns

Have you ever run out of columns that come with your favorite plasmid extraction kit but still had a lot of left-over buffer reagents remaining? Instead of buying a new expensive kit you can use PuroSPIN™ columns with the left-over buffers as a cost-effective alternative. Simply use the columns while following the manufacturer-specific protocols.

Luna Nanotech is now introducing the replacement spin columns in MICRO, MIDI and MAXI sizes. These columns will supplement our original PuroSPIN™ MINI Spin Columns for DNA and RNA Extraction and Purification.

Our columns have high DNA binding capacity (MINI - 200 μg, MIDI - 1.5 mg, MAXI - 2.3 mg), work with the buffers from DNA and RNA extraction and purification kits from all major manufacturers, and include both the spin column and the collection tube.

You can get more information about and purchase Luna Nanotech's PuroSPIN™ replacement columns here.

Also please note that If you place an order by Dec 31, 2018 you can save 25% on any product purchase. Simply use promotion code YearEnd2018.

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