PuroSPIN™ PCR Product Purification Kit  #NK105-50, #NK105-250
  • PuroSPIN™ PCR Purification Kit is designed to provide simple and easy-to-use method for purification of PCR DNA products (70 bp − 10 kb) from enzymatic reactions.
  • The purification technology is based on nucleic acid binding to silica spin-columns, which allows efficient removal of protein, salt and other contaminants. Silica spin columns offer faster, simpler and safer alternative to traditional nucleic acid purification techniques such as phenol-chloroform extraction.
  • PuroSPIN™ buffer formulations produce highly purified DNA product for downstream applications, such as sequencing, ligation, transfection, Southern blotting, qPCR, or microarray analysis.
  • PuroSPIN™ columns can bind up to 200 μg of DNA product.
  • DNA purified by PuroSPIN™ PCR Product Purificaiton Kit shows equal or higher yield and purity (as determined by the 260/280 and 260/230 ratios) when compared to leading competitors in the field (see head-to-head comparison data in the "Competitor Kit Comparison" section on the right).




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NK105-50, NK105-250

PuroSPIN™ PCR Product Purification Kit #NK105-50, #NK105-250