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Take advantage of our amazing deals from 11/23-11/29 while supplies last!
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Gel Extraction Kit.webp

30% OFF all DNA and RNA Purification Kits!


Up to 40% OFF 96-well Deep Well Plates, Seals and Magnetic Combs!

Magnetic Beads Silica Coated.webp

30% OFF Magnetic Beads!
Silica, Carboxyl, Amine, Azide

1 mL filtered tips, closed box.jpg

30% OFF Low Retention Filter Tips!


Up to 50% OFF PCR Consumables!

16 -tube Magnetic Rack-without logo (1).png

25% OFF Magnetic Racks: PCR, 1.5mL, 15mL, 50 mL, plate formats!


30% OFF DNA / RNA Purification Reagents!

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