PuroSPIN™ Plasmid MAXIprep Kit #NK113-10, #NK113-30

PuroSPIN™ Plasmid MAXIprep Kit is designed to provide simple and easy-to-use method for extraction and purification of plasmid DNA from cultured bacterial cells. The purification technology is based on plasmid binding to silica spin-columns, which allows efficient removal of genomic DNA, protein, salt and other contaminants. Silica spin columns offer faster, simpler and safer alternative to traditional nucleic acid purification techniques such as phenol-chloroform extraction. PuroSPIN™ buffer formulations produce highly purified plasmid DNA product for downstream applications, such as transfection, enzymatic digestion, or PCR. 


  • PuroSPIN™ Plasmid MAXIprep Kit can be used to purify plasmid DNA from up to 300 mL of overnight bacterial culture.
  • Extaction of up to 1000 µg of plasmid DNA product.
  • The kit includes a Quick Reference Protocol magnet that can be easily attached to any metal surface of the lab bench.






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NK113-10, NK113-30

PuroSPIN™ Plasmid MAXIprep Kit #NK113-10, #NK113-30